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The Cyberpower Academy was founded based on the recognition that business leaders, solopreneurs and freelancers are currently lacking a go-to shared space to get answers to the most pressing questions when it comes to safeguarding your business in digital space.

The increasing availability and sophistication of digital tools has granted us incredible freedom and opportunities to conduct our business online. Nonetheless, greater connectivity and visibility also entails increasing cyber threats. If not addressed properly, this can put your and your clients’ data and reputation at risk.

We envision to build a platform that would provide continuing support and access to updated practical materials, in the constantly changing and evolving cyberspace.

Joining the community provides access to a variety of resources - from comprehensive online courses to free webinars with security and privacy specialists. The materials empower you to implement necessary measures and adopt vital skills to secure your business in cyberspace and radiate digital trust to ensure business growth.

How does it work? By signing up and joining the community, you let us know that you would like to stay updated with the latest Cyberpower Academy developments and materials via email. In the next couple of months we will be rolling out a course bundle, which will provide a full step-by-step guide to securing your business, building a trustworthy brand and ensuring privacy compliance.

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